This business was created by Dean Henningsen without any handouts from the US.

Wireless Internet by Polly Butte Networks

Discover the power . . .

of broadband wireless Internet access!

To get connected to high-speed Internet access, call, email or use our online form to request a free site survey. We will come out and test the signal strength at your location.

Polly Butte Networks offers wireless broadband Internet service to most of Hemet, the San Jacinto valley, and vicinities within a 20 mile radius. This technology provides broadband Internet service in areas previously without high-speed options such as DSL or Cable. Wireless Broadband from Polly Butte Networks does not even require a phone line.

  • Unrestricted access bandwidth limited only by geography
  • Network service & support available during business hrs
  • Add multiple computers for no additional charge
  • Antenna equipment is also included
  • NO minimum term requirements

Remember, this is wireless service... no phone line is required.